We leverage our in-depth expertise to develop strategies, brand identities, and multiplatform campaigns that generate gains in terms of positioning and leadership for clients in their role as both an employer and a corporate citizen.
  • Strategy

    A brand is a precious asset that a company must continuously nurture. This is only possible if a strong strategy is developed at the outset, one that simultaneously focuses on the offer, the employer brand, and the organization’s role as a corporate citizen. From brand comprehension to clarification, we offer analysis and thoughtful reflections that will allow us to thoroughly define the brand and identify the subtleties of the market in which it operates. Other than positioning, the brand strategy can also showcase its distinguishing characteristics, competitive advantages, and unique value proposition. From brand definition to 360° communication, our strategy offer is fully integrated:
    • Brand strategy
    • Employer brand strategy
    • Digital strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Awareness campaign
    • HR campaign
    • Advertising campaign
  • Identity

    We are an agency that is defined by our curiosity, passion, and strong analytical and synthesis skills. We are also renowned for our intense focus on strategy, but we also place equal importance on creativity and quality of execution. We strongly believe that a great strategy can only reach its full potential when it is supported by an outstanding execution that is based on design. When it comes to brand identity, we do much more than carry out a mandate. We imagine an exhaustive, unique, and evolving identity system that is efficient and guides all executions. Our know-how allows us to build identity systems that are relevant, impactful, and authentic:
    • Naming and nomenclature
    • Brand architecture
    • Visual identity and identity platform
    • Graphic standards and charter
  • Design

    For us, design is a source of wealth and pride. It is the best vehicle for speaking directly to a person’s sense of rationality and to their emotions. Design is a strategic tool that we use every day to express ideas, emotions, and values. Throughout a multitude of online and offline articulations, it allows us to tangibly transpose the brand’s intentions and commitments while bestowing it with its own personality. In the end, design allows us to develop, build, and breathe life into brands, making them attractive, distinctive, and authentic. Brands that stand out and become cemented in the minds of consumers. From digital to traditional, our key skillsets when it comes to design are perfectly integrated and provide us with the necessary flexibility to offer a coherent management of your brand:
    • Digital design and motion design
    • Environment and signage design
    • Advertising design
    • Print and packaging design
  • Content

    Now more than ever, a brand’s reputation is built on the content it publishes daily. Everything your brand expresses contributes to the perception people have of it. Whether editorial, advertising, or promotional, content developed for your brand will be creative, relevant, impeccably executed, and perfectly on-brand. That’s our pledge. In order to efficiently transpose our clients’ brand strategies and provide them with a turnkey solution in terms of content strategy, we ensure effective cohesion between the various disciplines required to create and share the content:
    • Video design and production
    • Copywriting, copy editing, and adaptation
    • Photography and illustration
    • Motion design and post-production
    • Computer graphics and visual supports
    • Management of assets and digital campaigns
  • Web

    In this current day and age, a brand cannot be developed without its own website and digital platforms. For the past 20 years, we’ve also been a web agency dedicated to developing and deploying brands. For us, building a website and platforms is first and foremost a way to position a brand within a digital ecosystem and that is what underscores our work. Beyond simply getting the most out of the brand’s presence online, we are guided by the highest standards in UX/UI and we pay special attention to technological choices, website performance, and referencing (SEO). The web is constantly evolving, and we always make sure to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our combined expertise guarantees powerful platforms:
    • Technological audit
    • Analysis of user needs
    • SEO analysis
    • Information architecture
    • Web development and design
    • E-commerce platforms
    • Newsletter and other digital assets
    • Maintenance and support