With the 2020 pandemic, many businesses had to be imaginative and quickly adapt to a new reality. As people were spending more time at home, we quickly saw a sharp increase in renovation projects. This trend was an opportunity for Luminaire Authentik (LA).

Since the LA brand’s products are high-end and custom-made, and therefore require a certain turnaround time, it was important to find a solution to meet the demand for “off the shelf” products. Consequently, in collaboration with the Luminaire Authentik team, we developed the ephemeral line Les Basiks.

The line made the brand’s popular models available on the very same day in a choice of predefined colors and options, which totally met people’s demand. The subsequent trend of buying local confirmed the added value of the offensive and the Les Basiks project.


The lighting fixtures that are part of the “Les Basiks” line are entirely created by Luminaire Authentik, located in the Eastern Townships.

By creating a seal “DESIGNED AND MADE IN QUEBEC”, our intention was to let the consumers know that they are contributing to the economic development of our region.


In order for the consumer to have an overview of the collection we decided to create an Instagram account. It was our version of a “look book”.

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