GIRO is a global leader of software solutions that help manage and optimize postal delivery and public transport services for major cities such as Paris, New York, and San Francisco. With operations in 28 countries, GIRO is truly redefining the future of mobility.

With an approach that aimed to both define and elaborate the brand on three key angles – the company’s operations, its role as a corporate citizen, and its business offering – Zen was mandated with realigning the GIRO brand along with that of its flagship products HASTUS and GeoRoute. This process included strategic thinking, redefining the brand’s DNA, clarifying the offer, establishing the visual identity, and overseeing the deployment.

GIRO is an organization that prides itself on its capacity to optimize and adapt. These core values help its products stand above and beyond the competition.

Driven by efficiency


Efficiency is what drives GIRO. In fact, it is the mantra of every member of the team and permeates everything GIRO does and how it does it. This mobilizing value for employees also resonates with clients and is echoed within the products and services themselves.


In order to translate the strategic guidelines and organizational DNA into an efficient identity system, three creative avenues were leveraged. First, a high-end, genuine, distinct identity worthy of an industry trailblazer. Second, a human-centric, international approach steeped in sustainable development, in contrast with the visual codes and trends generally associated with the IT sector. Finally, a structured system that adeptly integrates the product and institutional brands resulting in seamless brand cohesion and endorsement.



HASTUS provides public transport management solutions for cities with 1 million or more inhabitants. Whether their transit networks include trams, buses, passenger trains, subways, or on-demand transportation options, these cities count on HASTUS to ensure optimal management solutions and to help them deliver high-quality services to users.

In terms of GIRO’s creative platform, we wanted to take a slightly more graphic approach, emphasizing the use of symbols and other visual elements to set the brand’s global identity apart from the competition while remaining on brand.

For HASTUS, the goal was to simplify and enliven a relatively extensive and complex modular offer.

Plan schedule operate
Net plan
Last mile


At Zen, we believe in an integrated approach when it comes to brand definition. For us, a brand strategy must support the company as an employer and as a corporate citizen in the same ways it supports its business offering. With the objective of delivering an effective, coherent solution, GIRO’s brand was carefully redefined with this approach in mind from the initial strategy to the final identity system. GIRO offers a work environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and filled with stimulating challenges where employees can develop their skills and benefit from opportunities for career advancement. It is also an environment where every person’s contribution is valued. GIRO has become a reputed leader whose solutions have transformed the essence of mobility on a global scale. Every individual who is part of the GIRO team can be extremely proud of this achievement.

In sum, while GIRO has become renowned for the depth and adaptability of its software algorithms, the talented people at GIRO surely are the true algorithm behind the company’s success.

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