ZEN was tasked with supporting HydroSolution in its new strategic orientation and redefining its creative and artistic direction… It was high time to say goodbye to the frogs that were associated with their previous campaigns.

A water heater is not something people usually think about that often. And yet, it plays an essential role in our everyday lives. We therefore strategically focused the creative and artistic direction on daily actions that require the heater to be functional, instead of presenting the physical product on its own. HydroSolution offers peace of mind, which means no water leaks, no shoddy repairs from brothers-in-law… Only high-quality service, even on Christmas!

A coherent identity platform

In order to position the brand, ZEN made sure to deploy the new creative direction at all points of contact with the client: brand photos, websites, print articles, ad campaigns, exhibit stands, online promotional blitzes, promotional objects… Everything was revamped!

Ad campaign

Many campaigns were deployed to convey the various services offered by HydroSolution to their target clients. Whether to communicate a new service, pierce a new market, or present a promotion, targeted actions with amusing taglines were leveraged in relevant media to obtain the desired impact and to reach set objectives.