HydroSolution is proud to add a new range of products to its offer. In light of this change, the company’s water drop logo needed a bit of a revamp. But because the brand is so well-known and appreciated by clients, the challenge was a significant one. With the former logo as a guide, the new design now reflects the nature of HydroSolution’s new offering. The results delivered by Zen are a sign of a forward-thinking approach and dedication to innovation.

The new logo mirrors the company’s promise to provide customers with expert service from a friendly, dedicated team.


HydroSolution has built a solid relationship of trust with Zen over the years. The agency’s unwavering support has helped HydroSolution focus on its business objectives while continuously evolving its brand image in a steadfast, consistent way.


Because HydroSolution clients have many opportunities to directly interact with employees, it was crucial to build a strong, inspiring employer brand.

The Zen team has developed an HR campaign focused on emphasizing the value of HydroSolution’s experts, showcasing the passion and strengths of employees as well as their incredible dedication. In addition to retaining employees, this campaign is also designed to attract new talent and rally the entire team behind the brand promise.

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