Julius is a coffee hunter. He is in search of the best high altitude crops to develop unique aromas.

Julius is a farmer. A man of heart who harvests each bean by hand, with the know-how of generations that preceded him.

Julius is an artisan. A coffee enthusiast who roasts single-origin micro-lots with accuracy.

Julius is a barista. Every detail counts so that all the love of this journey can be found within a cup.


Given the mandate to develop the brand strategy and identity for Julius, ZEN’s specific objectives were to convey the founder’s counter-current approach, product traceability, and ethical practices from the finca to the cup.

For this reason, the nominal exercise to identify the coffees was inspired by the distinctive territory of each microlot. The number behind the altitude of each plantation became its name. The color used to identify the number is defined by the drying process. The product label is as informative as it is aesthetic.

It provides at first glance the exact origin of the coffee. From the country, through the name of the finca, the type of beans, the drying process and of course the type and date of roasting. All of this to quickly convey key information to even the most savvy consumers.


Once the strategy and identity platform were defined, the ZEN team designed a transactional Web platform that would embody the brand’s positioning.

Serving both B2B and B2C customers, one of the challenges was to design a user experience that would meet the expectations of each target. We therefore developed a user experience that simplified the purchasing process for repeat customers while allowing first-time visitors to further explore the brand’s attributes and its love for Costa Rica.

We also made sure to allow people to subscribe to an automatic delivery service that offers a new discovery every month. A great recurrency for the brand and the guarantee of never running out of coffee for customers. A win-win solution.


Thanks to the quality of its product, its straightforward storytelling, and the accuracy of its brand image, Julius quickly sparked the curiosity of several people and paved the way for the development of partnerships with other innovative brands.

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