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R2i has undergone tremendous growth since its foundation and is now one of North America’s leaders in IT outsourcing. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, they have become renowned for their in-depth expertise on infrastructure and their unique cloud offer.

By having their own cloud, R2i is able to provide clients with numerous advantages. This is because most competitors rely on public clouds for their services. R2i is a choice partner for businesses that want to undertake a digital transformation and the company deserves to reach a wider audience. That’s where Zen comes in.

In order to raise their profile and overhaul their brand, Zen was mandated to review R2i’s proprietary media and develop an advertising platform as well as a content and media planning strategy. The team was also entrusted to oversee these activities on a daily basis.

To preserve the brand’s continuity, Zen decided to keep the relatively recent graphic elements such as the logo, core colours, and typography. Working closely with R2i, Zen’s team completely redefined the brand in terms of its positioning along with the way it addresses current and potential clients. Zen also helped the brand clarify their offer. To this effect, a new comprehensive creative platform was developed and deployed.


R2i understands the reality of technological and business leaders. Furthermore, the company believes that the success of a digital transformation project is inextricably tied to these experienced executives who must be actively involved to ensure their companies remain innovative.

That’s why R2i is committed to alleviating their concerns, providing the right information, and most importantly, relieving the daily burden of their organization’s IT department.

Both IT leaders and business decision-makers can rest easy knowing R2i’s cloud works for them. They’ll know that with the right solutions, they’ll be able to Shine Through the Cloud.

Leveraging this powerful advertising campaign line, the platform’s strategic and creative content was intended to humanize the brand and its proprietary cloud through the use of photography and a distinct visual universe.

Zen even developed a video manifesto which acted as a centrepiece for R2i’s new positioning. It has become a key part of the company’s advertising campaign.


Once the strategy and platform were specified, Zen developed a new web platform to help the company solidify its position, offer, and brand identify. The goal was also to provide R2i with an effective, powerful tool that would support any subsequent digital marketing activities.

Highlighting cloud migration, focusing on targeting “innovative” CIO and business decision-makers, establishing an overall discourse that goes beyond the offer… these are some of the key tactics identified during the strategic planning phase.

From scripting to design, from content development to deployment, Zen opted for a human-centric, streamlined approach to ensure a powerful brand experience and efficiently convey the offer.


R2i’s content strategy was defined with several components in mind. The team at Zen first assessed the organization and its competitors, identified opportunities, and defined the appropriate content pillars.

The themes associated with the offer had already been defined. On their own, they were not enough to help the brand stand out in their field. In view of this, the following conceptual approach was adopted and has continued to shape the content produced.


Zen developed and piloted an exhaustive digital strategy that included media planning, analytics, targeting, audience creation, content production, and campaign alignment.

Many creative pieces have been deployed so far. These include videos – such as a brand manifesto and interview – as well as approximately 15 various animated pieces, numerous in-depth articles, and advertising material for Google and other media outlets.

For R2i, our goal was crystal clear: raise their profile, maintain a continual presence, and build an organic community on LinkedIn. Mission accomplished!

With our help, the community has grown by 400% over 12 months of digital activities. It is worth noting that the communities of three local direct competitors have only grown by 18%, 20%, and 210% respectively over the same amount of time.


Promoting webinars was also part of the overall strategy. They were created using a distinct graphical code that seamlessly integrated into the brand’s image. The Zen team carefully developed a unique identity for these “short productive breaks.” The “Webin’R2i” webinars were built from the ground up with their own visual signature, visual platform, illustrations, animations, presentation templates, etc.

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