A brand with bite

Since 1972, CDMV has been a Canadian leader in products and services designed for veterinarians. Wanting to reposition itself as much more than a distributor, we were able to create a unique, bold identity platform that reflects their ambitions of becoming a key resource for vets across Canada. That’s how CDMV, more for veterinarians was born.

A website that stands out

The website not only had to reinforce the brand’s positioning, it also had to list all the products and services provided by CDMV and give a helping paw to Canadian vets via a coherent, attractive, and functional platform.

A distinct identity

The new brand identity had to be developed around the notion of added value to mirror the company’s new positioning. We decided to use dark colours and icons to highlight the platform’s key elements: the offer, animals, and advances in the profession. We also redesigned the logo but made sure to preserve some aspects of its former incarnation to remain coherent. We used black instead of red and blue to prevent any geopolitical associations and help the company stand out from the competition.